Get your students into coding today! Here are 5 lesson plans to get you started.

SAM Labs’ Learn to Code Course Kit for grades 4-8 is a block-based coding curriculum that integrates with micro:bit, the handheld, programmable micro-computer, and Workbench, the student programming canvas. Cycle through more than 50 aligned lessons that blend theory, application, and reflection, students work step-by-step to develop mastery of algorithms, loops, functions, and important soft skills such as critical thinking and collaboration.

We’ve handpicked a selection of content to introduce your students to this amazing course, including:

  • Grade 4 Lesson 4 Danger Detected
  • Grade 5 Lesson 3 Stop the Minion
  • Grade 6 Lesson 7 Stay Connected
  • Grade 7 Lesson 8 In Disguise
  • Grade 8 Lesson 7 Pixels 

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