We're an education technology company with the vision to inspire generations of problem-solvers. In each episode of this podcast series we talk about all things STEAM and Coding in the world of education.

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SAM Labs Podcast (1)

Episode 3

The SAM Labs & Vernier Partnership

In this week's episode, we sit down with Josh Ence to talk about the partnership between SAM Labs and Vernier, the relationship between Vernier sensors and SAM Labs blocks, our new lesson plans, and more!

Podcast episode 2.3

Episode 2 

The Importance of PD with Emily and Mackenzie

This week we’re talking about professional development and a new course offering from SAM Labs preparing teachers to lead STEAM and Coding initiatives in classrooms, clubs, and makerspaces.



Episode 1

Road to the STEAM and Coding Creators Competition with Guest Sam Yancey

We’re talking about the brand new SAM Labs Global Creators Competition, a tournament for students around the world competing using their STEAM and Coding skills.