SL Summer Camp

Bring students back together and spark their love of learning.

Kickstart your 2021-2022 goals with our ready-made, hands-on STEM, STEAM, and Coding Summer Camp Bundle for grades K-8.

We'll equip you with everything you need to run your own meaningful summer camp that was designed to tackle some of 2021's biggest educational challenges such as engagement, hands-on learning, science learning loss, 21st-century thinking skills, and more!

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How you'll be supported

Training + Ongoing Support

All teachers, instructors, or counselors will receive training and weekly office hours to make even first-time coders confident running the camp!

Ready-Made Materials

5 days (totaling 25 hours) of lessons, activities, and fun will be provided. Ready-made step-by-step lesson plans, student handouts, slide decks, and off-screen activities are provided to save you prep time.

Coding Platform

All students and teachers will have access to unlimited project creation in our flow-based coding and block-based coding platforms. (And you'll keep access to the coding platforms for the entire school year too!)

Physical Hardware

Our Bluetooth-connected Light Sensors, DC Motors, and LEDs allow students to design functioning prototypes that bring their codes to life (in the palm of their hands).

20 Campers

TOTAL $2,120

  • 1 STEAM Classroom Kit
  • K-8 Camp Lesson and Activity Pack
  • 1-year SAM Studio Pro Subscription for all camp instructors and student campers
  • Continued use of hardware and software (it's yours to keep!)
  • Bonus: 150+ STEAM lessons for school-year
  • 20% additional STEAM or Maker kits

40 Campers

TOTAL $3,320

  • 2 STEAM Classroom Kits
  • K-8 Camp Lesson and Activity Pack
  • 1-year SAM Studio Pro Subscription for all camp instructors and student campers
  • Continued use of hardware and software (it's yours to keep!)
  • Bonus: 150+ STEAM lessons for school-year
  • 20% additional STEAM or Maker kits

Have questions?

Do my students need any coding experience?

Not at all! Our content and coding platforms are designed to support students (and teachers) with everything they need to know about STEAM, Coding, software, and hardware. The step-by-step guide can be used as little or as much as necessary to support student learning. Have questions? You can always pop into office hours, where our education consultants will be happy to support you.

What grades are covered?

You'll receive materials to supply any camper grades K-8 with a fun-filled camp experience! Simply break up your campers based on their experience and/or grade level! 

Camping Lil BlockyK-5 SAM Scouts: Loaded with hands-on and engaging STEAM learning, K-2  campers will cover everything from physical science concepts to engineering design, all while bringing these science concepts to life through coding in SAM Space. Did someone say smart marshmallow skewer for the virtual campfire?

Camping Blocky3-5 SAM Scouts: A real solar oven to cook your s'mores or a SAM Labs compass rose are just a few of the prototypes the 3-5 campers will create across the week. Students will solidify their science content knowledge while layering in coding fundamentals such as conditionals, loops, and debugging.

Camping Sam6-8 Blockly Explorers: The 6-8 group digs deep into computer science and programming skills such as compound conditionals, functions, variables, and algorithms. Campers will learn about the functionality of computing systems with block-based coding and SAM Labs hardware to bring their codes to life.

Once the Summer Camp is over, what will I have access to?

By purchasing the Summer Camp Bundle, you will also receive a subscription to SAM Studio, our coding platform, for a year. You already have the blocks, so why not continue your students' STEAM and coding education? We have over 150+ standards-aligned lessons to teach K-8 STEAM and Coding throughout the school year as well.

Can this camp be used virtually?

Yes! We offer distance learning STEAM kits so that students can engage in our content virtually. We'd be happy to put together a special bundle for those looking to run summer camp virtually!


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What our customers say

“If you are going to teach coding you NEED something to use like Sam Labs that allows them to physically code and SEE outputs from their codes actually doing something! It is so much more meaningful than simply coding on a screen.”

"Our son has loved the coding camp. He had never coded before and after the first day of instruction, he knew what he was doing. The lessons were engaging, interactive, and fun. The added bonus was that the students not only coded, but participated in art projects that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills."

“My favorite thing about using SAM labs is the way it helps students use coding and hands-on materials to create a sensory experience that tells a story to show their science learning.”